Shawn Michaels EBook, Ziggler/Punk Match, Chyna, More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— On December 27th, WWE is releasing a Shawn Michaels EBook titled Diary of a Heartbreak Kid. Former writer Craig Tello is listed as the co-author.

— The Canadian Press featured an interview with Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp over their brawl at the Canadian Football League alumni event, which you can read at

The Miami Herald has an interview up with Dolph Ziggler. Here is an excerpt of that interview where he discusses his recent match with CM Punkā€¦ “A lot of people enjoyed the match, and my family and friends liked it. Honestly, since last Monday, I haven’t been able to sleep that well, because I really wanted that match to be one of the best ever, and it wasn’t. So I have something to build toward, and hopefully we’ll get to do it on a big stage, and if we do, I know we will tear the house down. I know it.”

Steppin’ Out Magazine recently interviewed Chyna, discussing her move to porn. During the interview, she denies taking steroids, claims WWE & TNA “supported” her sex tape with Sean Waltman and noted that she was part of the movement that took WWE from high school gyms to ringing the bell at the stock exchange. You can read it for yourself at

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