Shawn Michaels Speaks Out – Faith, Concussions, More


Credit: The Miami Herald

Shawn Michaels recently spoke about concussions and defending his faith. Here are the highlights…

On Concussions: “This is one of the 101 things that makes me probably not popular with everybody and their agenda. I’m 100 percent behind finding out the cause with technology and doing everything we can to minimize those things and take care of the athletes. I’m not down with that’s the excuse why everybody does what that they do. I’ve had my bell rung a bunch, and I still have no desire to hurt anybody. I’m down with finding out everything we can, doing everything we can to protect athletes. I think it does need to at least be understood that they’re still finding out.”

On Defending His Faith: “I’ve shared my faith. I’ve had a lot of people ask me stuff. There are still a ton of detractors. There’s still a bunch of people who think I’m full of b.s. That can slow people down… I get people today saying like, ‘He’s no Christian. He’s working it.’ Well, I don’t even know if you can work that. Can you? … When I stand on my day of judgment, the Lord ain’t gonna ask Jim how Shawn was. He’s gonna ask me. That’s something between me and Him, not me and a bunch of people I shared a locker room with. He’s not concerned with what they think of me. He’s concerned about what He thinks of me. So that’s what I focus on.”

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