Shawn Michaels Talks With Eric Bischoff About His Relationship W/ Bret Hart & More


WWE Legend Shawn Michaels recently spoke with Eric Bischoff on Bischoff’s podcast “Bischoff On Wrestling“. Michaels discuses his current relationship with wrestling great, Bret Hart & more.

Bischoff: “Have you really kind of circled back with Bret? Can you guys be together in the same room and be happy to see each other? Or is there still that undercurrent?”

Michaels: “No. No. He and I actually get along really well now. We’ve done appearances together. We’ll text at Christmas and stuff like that. I heard about when he was struggling with cancer and I reached out to him right away and said, “Hey dude, just want you to know I’m thinking about you. If anybody can pull through this I know you can.” Thankfully he did. It’s nice the reconciliation we had on TV. It was real. We got an opportunity to talk and all of the times we’ve seen each other at wrestling events since that time. We continue to talk. Bret and I… the thing that helps us now is that we recognize we are very different people and we look at the business a lot differently. Neither one of us when we were younger could understand that or were comfortable with that. Again, as we were talking about earlier, as you get older everyone is not going to see everything in life the way you see it. I think we are at a really nice place. I enjoy seeing him and we cross paths at different places. As you know, with WrestleMania they bring back almost everybody. We are clearly not friends but it’s very nice and very pleasant. From my standpoint it’s real and from his stand point it’s real as well.”

If you want to listen to the full podcast, click here: Podcast

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