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Shawn Spears Reveals Whether He Believes Tyler Breeze Will Wrestle Again



AEW wrestler Shawn Spears was a recent guest on Renee Paquette’s “The Sessions” podcast to discuss a variety of topics.

During the show, “The Chairman” commented on whether he believes Tyler Breeze will eventually return to wrestling, as well as wanting to have a “moment” to share with his son later in life. For those unaware, Spears and Breeze run a pro wrestling school together.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On wanting to have a “moment” to share with his son later in life: “[The late] Brodie Lee, a good friend of mine, has a picture with his son, both sons actually, holding the TNT title. And they’re both so happy. You can see it on [Brodie’s] face how proud he is and you can see it on their faces how proud they are of him. He’s their hero. I want that same thing between me and my son. When my son comes to me one day and says, I want to be, y’know, a world series baseball player. “Yeah, you can do it.” “Think so?” Yeah. Here’s why — this is what dad did. This is dad’s reward, and he gets to hold it, and see it, and look at it. My goal is to be decorated. Is to win a championship in a major company. AEW or elsewhere. That is my goal. Just so I can have that time and that prize to show my son in the future.”

On what title he would love to have around his waist for that photo: “Being completely honest? I have always seen myself as an Intercontinental champion. I grew up on the Mr. Perfects, and the Rick Rudes, and the Ultimate Warriors. And as I got into wrestling it was always known as the workhouse championship. So I’d always seen myself in that zone. So in a perfect world, it would be the Intercontinental championship.”

On if Tyler Breeze will return to wrestling: “He still works out. He’s still in shape. There’ll be times where we’ll hop in the ring [at their wrestling school] and we’ll have 20-25 minutes. We just did that a couple weeks ago with the Gunns. Just at the school, we’ll get some cardio in, and go 20-25 minutes of a tag match. He can still go, he can still do everything. But if I say to him, hey man, you getting ready for a second run, he goes: “Nah. Retired.” I don’t know if that’s the true answer, but I see the excitement sometimes when he hops in. He’s done very well for himself. He’s a very smart guy. I think it still creeps in every now and then. I only know that because of how passionate he is when he teaches; if he didn’t care, he’d be a little more relaxed.”

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