Shawn Stasiak Reveals The Idea He Pitched For A WWE Return, RVD Returns To The Ring


Former WWE, TNA and ECW Superstar Rob Van Dam made his return to the ring for Pacific Coast Wrestling’s High Tide event. The match was only RVD’s second match in the past year. RVD retained the PCW Championship and a video of the match can be seen below.

Following the match, RVD challenged John Morrison to a championship match on June 2nd.

Former WWE Superstar Shawn Stasiak posted a new column on Pwmania. In the column, Stasiak revealed the comeback idea he pitched to WWE. He said,

“So, here is a long version video that I released regarding an idea of a comeback story I’ve had for a few years now. Although I have spoken to the brass of the WWE and have even had a conversation with Vince McMahon himself….and although he really seemed like he genuinely liked and appreciated it…It just didn’t get received as something that this company wanted to go with or run in that direction. So I was told by the man himself….And will be glad to get more into that topic later on a video post or podcast that I will be doing again soon. For whatever reason they just weren’t interested in running with it…I don’t know exactly why but do have my thoughts and can understand some reasons as to why they wouldn’t want to go with it…Regardless, I don’t take it personal as I realize business is business and at the end of the day if they just don’t see “IT” the time it is presented….And just don’t see it as a revenue/rating draw or attraction then that’s that. And I get that. Again, nothing personal….. But I must say regardless of whose storyline this would have belonged to and whomever played the role…It in my opinion is one BAD ASS REAL AUTHENTIC story with a lot of REAL emotion that could be evoked and displayed on camera and in the arena that would resonate fire, passion and a LOT of INSPIRATION to many I feel would organically connect with. I mean who doesn’t like a good comeback or underdog story???”

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