Shawne Merriman-WWE Update, Team Hogan vs. Team Andre


— Shawne Merriman discussed his recent WWE tryout with the Baltimore Sun, telling the paper that “I kind of just got in the ring and was messing around a little bit.”

Meanwhile, Merriman’s reps issued the following statement about his status:

“Shawne is currently in talks with WWE. Shawne worked out with WWE. They were very impressed and offered Shawne to start discussions on joining WWE. As a matter of fact the head trainer there was so impressed with Shawne he gave him the hardest moves to do to see if he “could” tire him out. Didn’t happen, Shawne blew threw them. The only reason he didn’t join WWE then was because when he returned back to LA he was offered a co-hosting position with the NFL Network and took the job for the remainder of the NFL season. He had been in talks with NFL Network for weeks prior to his visit to WWE training center. He is in talks with WWE to possibly join them after March. However it is just a discussion right now.”

— WWE released the following free match featuring Team Hogan vs. Team Andre from Survivor Series 1987:

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