Shayna Baszler On The Main Differences Between RAW & NXT


In a recent interview on Wrestle Buddies, Shayna Baszler discussed returning to NXT, WWE having a live crowd at WrestleMania 37 and much more. You can read the highlights below:

Shayna Baszler on returning to NXT and the differences with RAW:

“I think that the nature of RAW being just a much bigger show, it’s been around a lot longer and NXT has just been on live TV a year and a half. So, I think the nature of RAW being so much bigger makes NXT a little more intimate. I think that’s something that stays with you, and that’s something we’ve missed without that big live crowd. NXT fans really follow the stories and grab onto the characters and what stories are being told. It’s just more intimate.”

On being NXT Women’s Champion:

“I’m so glad that I got to experience that, even though they hated me most the time I was there. I didn’t see it until actually I went to Raw. And then, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. I think people were appreciating what I did for the title and the division and just the girls that were there during that time.”

On WWE bringing fans back at WrestleMania 37:

“I’ve said this about MMA and pro wrestling both – I think they’re the same in that the way they’re meant to be digested is live. The audience is more or less a character in the show. We love the characters. A lot of what we did is based on how the crowd reacts. Yeah, we can get that with the ThunderDome now, but there’s something about being in person.

The energy is different and the ThunderDome is better than when we were at the empty Performance Center. But I think I kind of took that for granted because when I went back to NXT and had the surprise appearance, it was like, ‘Oh right, we have to talk between a crowd chanting.’ It was like a breath of fresh air, and I cannot wait until WrestleMania. They’re gonna be just as excited as we are to perform in front of them. I can’t wait.”

h/t to Wrestle Buddies and for the transcription.

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