​Sheamus Gives High Praise To Apollo Crews, Discusses The Brand Split, More


During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Sheamus discussed the WWE brand split, Apollo Crews and more. Here are some highlights:

On The Brand Split: “I was so excited to be the sixth round draft pick after being WWE Champion seven months ago, it’s amazing. I mean, wow, to sit there and see your name come out at the very, very end of Smackdown LIVE, it was a proud moment for me, to be honest. Shows how far I’ve gone in the last seven months as a WWE Superstar. Right [Puts his hand in the air, and plunges it down] to the top!”

On Apollo Crews: “I think [the Brand split] will be [great]. I just need to get myself a good story. I was looking forward to something with Apollo Crews, helping that kid, and then it was very stop-start. I had the movie with Turtles but I was hoping to get two pay per views out of it, because he’s a great kid, he’s gonna be a great star, just needs time, you know? I love being in the ring with him. The stuff he can do is incredible.”

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