Sheamus Says Working With Butch & Ridge Holland Allowed Him To Develop New Creative Ideas


During a recent interview with SHAK Wrestling, the Celtic Warrior Sheamus spoke about his relationship with Butch and Ridge Holland and how it allowed him to develop new creative ideas as a group.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the Brawling Brutes stable: “Yeah, they’re great. And that’s another aspect too, you know. I’ve always put the mindset that younger talent coming up are fresh, and you should use that as motivation. You don’t use that to hold them down. You use that to bring them up and inspire you, and reinvigorate you. And that’s exactly what the boys have done.”

On working with Holland: “Ridge came up first. I had a very similar look, I was doing the kind of, you know, the gimmick the Sheamey character, you know. And Ridge had the Peaky Blinders look and it just, you know, it just fit for both of us. And he was put under my wing. So my job is to make him as good as possible and help him get his feet wet as quick as possible, you know, find himself comfortable. And mentoring, for me it’s an incredible honor. A huge responsibility, but also incredible honor for me to do that, to help the younger talent.”

On Butch coming into the group: “And then when Butch came in, I was already aware of Pete Dunne and how good he is. Like, that boy’s been wrestling since he was 12 years old. He has an incredible mind for what we do. Incredible mind, just always thinking outside the box. And both of the lads, always thinking outside the box. And we came in, I didn’t really know Butch personally. And when we started working together, instantly like, he’s got different ideas from what we’re used to.”

On coming up with ideas as a group: “So we’re doing stuff together, I’ll ask Ridge and I’ll ask Butch, ‘what do you think of that?’ We’ll come up with ideas and bounce them around. There’s no, ‘I’ve been here the longest and this is my idea, and that’s the way it has to be.’ Absolutely not. Fresh ideas, man. Fresh ideas from different places, outside the box. I welcome it.”

“And it’s helped me too, you know. It’s helped me think in a different way, because it’s so easy to think in the one — I wouldn’t say one-dimensional, but so easy to get so stuck in the mindset of certain things and how things have been done. But the business is constantly evolving, it’s constantly changing. And those guys bring in fresh ideas, and they’re killing it. They really are.”

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