Sheamus Talks Career Goals + Chuck Taylor Speaks Out, More


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— Sheamus recently spoke to the Irish Voice about his WrestleMania match with Daniel Bryan, and his career goals. Here is what he had to say…

“It took a lot of time for me to get here, and you never stop paying your dues. I’m never satisfied with what I’ve achieved. I want to create a legacy for myself, like those who are going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this weekend. The way you do that is by wining championships and staying hungry and focused.”

SLAM! Wrestling recently interviewed Dragon Gate USA wrestler Chuck Taylor, here are the highlights…

On The WWE Wrestler That Inspired Him: “I was a big, big fan of the Road Dogg, I was a huge fan of his growing up,” Taylor said. “I’ve always thought, man, if I could just somehow get into a role like that, that guy made millions, literally millions of dollars, wearing baggy pants and a T-shirt, punching people and dancing. If I can just get in doing that kind of role, oh! I don’t need to be world champ; I just want to put on baggy pants and dance. That sounds like fun!”

On How The DGUSA Stables Started: “It started as, the Japanese weren’t really giving us the time of day,” he said. “I don’t think they respected a lot of the American wrestlers and they were kind of slow to integrate us into their groups and stuff. Myself, Rich and Johnny just figured if they didn’t want us, then we didn’t need them, so we just came together to shake things up a bit. Johnny and I now team pretty much everywhere, and we’ve always had a lot of chemistry together. Rich just seemed like a good fit. He’s got the same mindset, a little bit of a warped sense of humor; he fit right in, really.”

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