Shelly Martinez Once Caught Batista Eavesdropping On Melina In WWE


Shelly Martinez, who worked in WWE as Ariel, had a close bond with Melina. Fans may remember Melina for managing the team of MNM and being WWE Divas Champion. She was also apparently dating one of the top stars during her tenure, Batista.

Martinez recently spoke on Wrestling Shoot Interviews about an incident involving the two that troubled her.


“They were just kind of having relationship problems and because [Batista] didn’t come out so good in the relationship problems and she was my friend, of course, I was there for her,” Martinez said. “She was venting to me one day after a show and I opened the door and he was listening in on us. So that didn’t help his situation of how I viewed him.”

WWE released Martinez in 2007. Afterward, she had a brief stint in TNA, wrestling under Salinas. Melina has since denied having dated Batista in an interview with Jim Ross.

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