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NewsShelly Martinez Talks Managing Ex-WWE Tag Team

Shelly Martinez Talks Managing Ex-WWE Tag Team



Shelly Martinez has posted multiple videos on Savewrestling.org detailing her experience at last month’s annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival. She wrestled at the event and managed former WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendick and Paul London.

“Day 3 at The Gathering I was able to accomplish what WWE, TNA and other independent promotions said NO! to. What a day! I totally owned my energy and feel completely blessed that I was able to manage Brian “Spanky” Kendrick and Paul London at JCW. Thank you Kevin Gill for always having my back and giving me opportunities. I hope you enjoyed what I did in both the girls show and at JCW because my performance what a gift to you for making it work. Thank you ICP for having me come rassle at your HUGE event and making the little Shelly glow inside,” Martinez wrote.

“I got my wish and here I am in Costa freakin’ Rica writing about it while Riders on the Storm is on. It started to rain as I’m writing this, magical. I love my life and though I may not be where I want to be I know around the corner more magical moments lie ahead. I feel it and I am ready now more than ever to take the ball and run with it. ONE Love!”

Here is one video of Martinez discussing the experience (more available at Savewrestling.org).

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