Shelton Benjamin Undergoes Surgery, Booker T’s ‘Fave 5’


— As seen on some recent editions of the JBL & Cole show, the two announcers are currently doing a weight loss challenge as they prepare to climb a mountain together. JBL confirmed today that the first weigh-in will take place this Saturday.

— We noted yesterday here on the website that Booker T’s “Fave 5” was going to return on The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast. The podcast debuted yesterday and also featured former TNA Knockout Rosita. You can listen at this link.

— As noted earlier this week here on the website, former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin recently revealed that he’s going to be taking some time off to have surgery on his elbow. In an update on this, Benjamin underwent surgery yesterday and tweeted the following:

“Back home recovering from today’s surgery. Thank u all 4 the well wishes. now comes the part i hate. taking it easy for a few days”

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