Shinsuke Nakamura Wants to Wrestle Until He’s At Least 45


In a new interview with Singapore media outlet The Straits Times, Shinsuke Nakamura revealed how much longer he feels he needs to continue wrestling:

“I want to wrestle at least five more years. I’m 39 now. (Former MLB) baseball player Ichiro Suzuki retired at 45 and he was such an influence for Japanese sportsmen, especially those who lived in other countries. And so I need to wrestle until I’m 45 years old.”

Nakamura also discussed the potential of wrestling Roman Reigns and what he thinks about Roman Reigns’ in-ring style:

“Some people say his wrestling is simple but I like ‘simple’ too.”

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Would you like to see Shinsuke vs. Roman? Who’d win? Sound off in the comments below!

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