Shotzi Blackheart’s Plan For Robert Stone, Lana’s Table Gimmick


Shotzi Blackheart told WWE Espanol that she plans to run down Robert Stone more times than Nia Jax putting Lana through tables on Monday Night RAW. Yes, you heard that correctly. Here is some highlights from her interview below.


On running over Robert Stone: “[gasps] Never! I think that’s my favorite part of NXT. Like, I try to find Robert Stone as much as possible. I want to run over him many more times. [laughs]”

On if she’ll run over Robert Stone more than Nia Jax puts Lana through tables: “You know, I think we’re in a competition right now. And Nia Jax is winning, so I think I need to run over Robert Stone a few more times to beat the Nia Jax and Lana feud. I think the Tank vs. Robert Stone feud needs to be a little higher up on the totem pole.”

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