Sid Vicious & Cameron Involved In Twitter War


Sid Vicious recently had an altercation with WWE Diva Cameron on Twitter. He said he hasn’t seen her show Total Divas because he “doesn’t watch shows involving Divas discussing their poor feminine hygiene.”

He added: “Not exactly sure why @WWECameron is in @WWE to begin with but something tells me we won’t know who she is in two years anyway. #15Minutes”

Cameron replied with several of her catchphrases then deleted them. She later wrote: “and you are..? Lol #boybye”

Sid responded: “@WWECameron Of course you don’t know who I am because you don’t know the history of our business.”

Cameron said: “that’s where you wrong! That was your way of saying hello so that was me just giving you a hello back! 🙂 S- I feel so honored that you took the time out of your day to remind me how far I have come! Started from the bottom now I’m here!!!”

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