Sid Vicious Talks Reby Sky Issues, WWE On ‘The Soup, Punk


— has an article on the one year anniversary of CM Punk’s “pipe bomb promo” on RAW.

— The site also has a “Where are they now” article about Lance Storm.

— WWE footage was featured twice on The Soup. Joel McHale showed a clip from a Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio match on SmackDown, where Del Rio attacked Sheamus – post match and put on the Cross Arm Breaker. Joel talked about how the move was applied. The second clip was Stan Stansky and Arthur Rosenberg getting flattened by Ryback on RAW. McHale mentioned their names and suggested they were in the wrong “ring business.”

— Sid Vicious tweeted the following late last night: Like I said, please do not trash talk/insult @RebySky. She simply said how she feels. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is just my opinion but Reby Sky has showed up at all events she’s been booked at in recent years. You can’t say the same for ‘Sunny’ or Sid Vicious. It seems to me like the reason Sid is not replying to her is because he knows she’s right – he’s no-showed numerous events and has screwed promoters out of big time money. It’s possible Reby Sky is getting a bad rap due to her relationship with Matt Hardy, who has had well-documented issues in the past. Again, this is just my opinion. We want to hear from you!! Submit your thoughts in the comment script below. Do you agree with Reby, Sid or “Sunny”?

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