Sienna Reveals Most Memorable Match, Says She’s Not Opposed To Intergender Matches


Real Sport recently interviewed GFW and Knockouts champion Sienna. Below are some highlights.

Sienna’s thoughts on intergender matches: “I’m not opposed to intergender wrestling, I’ve had intergender matches. I do agree that there’s a time and a place, and more importantly, I think that there’s a way to do it and a way to not do it. I think there’s a very cliche way to do it, and that’s what gets old, and I think that there’s also a stupid way to do it, which is not really believable. And then I think that there’s the right way to do it, and I’ve done it here and there, and I’d like to think that the way I did it was the right way to do it.”

On GFW looking to do house shows again: “That’s very important to me, especially coming from the independent scene, because those are the crowds that I basically grew up [in front of] in the wrestling world. I grew up traveling around the United States, and going back to those towns is gonna mean a lot to me.”

Sienna on her most memorable match: “The most memorable match of my career? I like a lot of my matches right now, and obviously, I remember those better, but when I think of matches that people might know from independents that are indie fans, they’re probably gonna think of my series that I had with Mia Yim, formerly known as Jade. That was at AIW. In our first match, she broke my nose, and then we had a “fans bring the weapons match” after that. And then we had a cage match after that. And all three of those kinda blur into one match to me, so I’d say that series.”

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