Sienna Reveals Her Most Memorable Match, How Have Things Been Since The Re-Branding, What Got Her Into Wrestling – More


The current unified Knockouts Women’s Champion Sienna, recently sat down with RealSport101 & discussed a plethora of topics regarding; GFW Impact, unifying the championships, the change in leadership in the company & much more.

Here are the highlights:

How Does It Feel Being At The Top Of The Division:

“It feels phenomenal. I don’t even know what else to say. Being a champion and winning matches and being the top of a company, it’s gonna feel great, I don’t how else to describe that.”

Importance Of House Shows:

“That’s very important to me, especially coming from the independent scene, because those are the crowds that I basically grew up [in front of] in the wrestling world. I grew up traveling around the United States and going back to those towns is gonna mean a lot to me.”

Sienna’s Thoughts On The Current State Of Women’s Wrestling:

“I think that there are a couple of different reasons; obviously, because women are awesome, that’s my go-to answer. But I do think in a lot of aspects, especially across the independents right now, it’s a trend, because they see bigger companies doing it and they’re like ‘oh we’re gonna hop on this bandwagon’ and they wanna put women in the main event. Whether or not they care about women actually, I don’t really know, but it’s good for us because we get out there, we get seen.”

What Got Her Into Pro-Wrestling:

“There were a lot. Whenever people ask me about who inspired this, who inspired that, it’s a difficult question for me because I take little pieces from everywhere. So it’s not like one person or two people that inspired my entire wrestling career. An easy answer would be Lita; when I was 12 she was like the hottest thing on TV so, that would be an easy answer, but there are a lot of influences. I’d say when I first started watching wrestling, I watched WCW, so I do remember being very young and liking Sting and DDP and then my cousin got us into WWF at the time and I remember being a fan of Lita and Stone Cold. So I guess those would be the answers.”

Most Memorable Match Of Her Career:

“The most memorable match of my career? I like a lot of my matches right now and obviously, I remember those better, but when I think of matches that people might know from independents that are indie fans, they’re probably gonna think of my series that I had with Mia Yim, formerly known as Jade. That was at AIW. In our first match, she broke my nose and then we had a “fans bring the weapons match” after that and then we had a cage match after that and all three of those kinda blur into one match to me, so I’d say that series.”

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