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Silas Young Reveals How CM Punk’s Indie Appearance Came About


Silas Young was recently interviewed by Fightful to talk about several professional wrestling topics. During the interview, Young talked about how they were able to pull off CM Punk’s surprise appearance at an indie show last year.

Here’s what he had to say:


The building that happened in has had wrestling in it for 26 or 27 years and had got bought out. It was getting torn down. That was the building I think Punk had his first wrestling match. I had Dave Prazak and Ace Steel booked on the show who are good friends with Punk. My wife came up and said ‘Punk’s going to do a run-in-on the match, do you mind?’

I said ‘of course I don’t mind.’ This is ten minutes before the show, not something I booked. That’s how it happened. I think it’s because his buddies were booked on the show. Just a kind of circumstance and luck based on who I had booked that it worked out the way it did. I never saw Punk at the building. Can I 100 percent confirm it was him? No. I can say I’m 99.9% certain it was him. It’s a cool thing for the area and the promotion.

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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