Silas Young Talks His Breif Stint With WWE Developmental, ROH’s Big Characters & Great Wrestling, Death Before Dishonor, More


Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Silas Young recently did an interview on the Interactive Wrestling Radio show to promote ROH’s Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view (PPV) on September 22nd, where he’d face Jay Lethal in a Last Man Standing match. You can check out the highlights here

His Last Man Standing match with Jay Lethal at Death Before Dishonor: “Absolutely. Jay Lethal is a guy who has been all around the world, he’s traveled, he’s done a lot! I’m just there to prove that I’m just as good if not better than Jay Lethal. I’m excited to show the fans, the wrestling world, that I’m the guy they should be looking at.”


Jay Lethal saying Silas should have been around 10 years prior: “I’ve got to be honest, I’m surprised to hear Jay say something like that. But, he is right. I like to think that I’m the type of guy that melded the real old school style of wrestling with the new school wrestling. I’ve kind of melded those. You don’t see a lot of that today. I think that’s helped me stand out and has helped me make money in this business.”

Why the WWF Rock N Wrestling era inspired so many future stars: “I think guys like me and you, we grew up watching these larger than life characters. It was at a time where wrestling was really getting into the characters and the big personalities. Coming right out of that, we got to experience stuff like WCW had a lot of the cruiserweights and stuff like that. We got to experience the big personalities and then the very athletic wrestling. We got to experience a lot of really good wrestling and a lot of cool changes as well.”

The origins of the “Last Real Man” character: “(laughs) “The Last Real Man” is basically my father. I grew up with 5 older brothers. They’re all a bunch of goof balls. By the time I came around, my Dad had already raised 5 boys. He was a no nonsense kind of guy! So, basically, the “Last Real Man” is my father!”

His brief stint with WWE Developmental: “I never was really in the developmental system. I did a week long thing in OVW when they had a developmental system there. But, I never actually got to join the developmental program because my contract was basically reneged on before I was able to finish the whole hiring process. At the time, OVW had the developmental contract and at the time of signing the paperwork, OVW basically had their developmental contract taken away from them by WWE. I was told, “Sorry, we won’t be following through on your contract.” It was like I had the offer of the opportunity and then had the worst time ever because of them taking it away because of the closing of OVW. Even with that said, the WWE developmental system ahs grown, and grown, and grown over the years. They have the huge performance center, nutritionists, personal trainers, promo rooms…. All these different things, all these good things that I’ve heard about and that guys have told me about. It just seems like they’ve put a lot into the developmental system just letting it grow and grow.”

Working with Dalton Castle: “It was a really good experience. It was a good thing for both me and Dalton. We were both kind of new to the company. Like you said, it helped define the character for both of us it helped develop our character because they are basically the exact opposite of each other. I think that is what was good about it. They were two characters that people could look at and go, “All right, well this guy is this guy and this guy is that guy.” It was one of those stories where people had a side and they could pick a side. It was fun to watch. Dalton is a true professional.”

ROH having big characters as well as great wrestling:“I don’t know that it is something that Ring of Honor has to necessarily improve on. I think the fans maybe haven’t realized or maybe they slowly realize… Forever Ring of Honor was built on in ring talent. It was built on what happens in the ring. So, now you have some of the best wrestlers still putting on the best in-ring product but they’re also getting to see some great characters now. I think there’s a good balance of it. I just think sometimes fans are surprised when they check it out because for so long, Ring of Honor has been built on being this awesome in-ring product. It’s almost like an extra that you get to see some really great characters too.”

What makes ROH stand out from the rest: “That’s a good thing to ask. I don’t know what it is. I think it is the fact of how the company started. It started out as just this pure wrestling company. It started out as just a guy, or a handful of guys, that had an idea and really wanted to bring something back that was special and different. The way it has just grown over the last 15, 16 years… I think that’s what it is! It’s the fact that it wasn’t supposed to be anything and the fans and the wrestling world have taken it over and it has become something big. I think that’s what it is. I think it was something that was not supposed to be #2. But, it grew into that.”

The ROH locker room: “I think it is a good place where we all challenge each other. We sit down. We talk. Ideas just bounce off of each other. It’s like, “What can we do to be awesome?” Or, “What can we do that’s better than the rest or better than what we’ve already done?” I think it is a professional challenge, almost.”

Death Before Dishonor: “Oh! You can expect to see an ass beating in that match! It is last man standing. It’s not just another wrestling match. It is about who is the better man and who wants it more. You can expect to see a lot of hard hitting, a lot of weapons because I know I’ll be using weapons on my behalf because I can and I’ll get away with it. The rest of the show? You’re going to be seeing some of the best wrestling in the world. You’re going to be seeing some of the top talents from across the globe including New Japan Pro Wrestling. You’re going to see wrestling like wrestling isn’t presented by other companies nowadays.”

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