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Silas Young on Training His Son in Their Backyard Ring


Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Silas Young was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Young discussed training guys in his backyard ring, his son training in the ring, possibly hosting backyard wrestling shows, and more.

Here are the highlights:


Training guys out of his backyard: “I do have a wrestling ring in my backyard. I got a couple of guys that come over a couple of times a week and I’m trying to train them and polish them up. They are all guys that are currently wrestling but they could just use some help to get better. So, it’s been cool,” Young said.

“I’ve always wanted to buy a wrestling ring. I think every guy that’s been wrestling for a while has wanted to get a ring. I just started looking for one and one came up with a good price.”

His son training in the ring: “It’s kind of weird. The funny thing is he always tells me that he doesn’t wanna be a wrestler when he gets older. But the kid is in the ring more than I am,” said Young.

“He watches it all the time so it’s in his blood. But according to him he’s not going to be a wrestler,” said Young before being asked if his son has come up with a wrestling name yet. He’s got some really lame names for wrestling characters like Good Knight whose finisher is The Sleeper. I’m not saying The Sleeper isn’t effective but the Good Knight name is terrible.”

Possibly hosting backyard wrestling shows: “If I can find a way to make money I probably would do it. But most likely not,” said Young.

If he wants the ROH Pure Championship brought back: “Absolutely. That’s one of the different match types that helped ROH separate itself from other wrestling companies. Having something like the Pure Title that’s so different than what everybody else is doing, I think it’s a really cool idea,” said Young.

“For me it was cool to do that because for a long part of my career that was the only type of wrestler I was. But you evolve and change and see what works for you. It’s good to prove to the fans that I’m not just all talk and I can back it up too.”

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