Singer Frank Turner Wants Duet With Daniel Bryan


Frank Turner says that he’d be happy to duet with Daniel Bryan. After Bryan spoke with Digital Spy and said he’d like to work with Turner, the rocker sent Bryan a tweet reading:

Hey @WWEDanielBryan – I’m game!

— Frank Turner (@frankturner) August 8, 2013

Bryan, who has previously worked with Kimya Dawson of the Moldy Peaches on “Captain Lou,” said in the initial interview, “I love Frank Turner, an English guy. I would like to do something with him. There’s something about his music. I suppose there’s a lot in common with independent musicians and wrestlers. How much he’s on the road, all that kind of stuff. His music really speaks to me, I identify with it. If I could do something with him, that would be awesome. It’s crazy to see how popular he’s become. I was at the gym maybe a month ago and I heard a Frank Turner song. I was like, ‘Whoah!’ I’m so out of tune with pop culture, I didn’t even realise that he had become big! It was like, this is my guy, and he’s playing at the gym! This is strange.”

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