Slammiversary XV Results – 7/2/17


    Winner, and Still X Division Champion: Sonjay Dutt

    Women’s Unification Title Match: Rosemary vs Sienna


    Gail Kim comes down prior to the match. Sienna is out first. Rosemary makes an epic entrance with zombie women crawling out and she stands in the middle of them while they reach up and grab her all over. The match was a hard hitting brawl from the start. Rosemary controlled things early but Sienna took control back. Laurel and KM came down to the ring. She was hanging onto the second rope and Rosemary threw Sienna into the ropes and she fell through to the outside. She yells at KM to take Laurel away. The match continues and Rosemary hits a series of moves. Sienna counters and hits the running tackle for a close two count. Rosemary turns things around and she hits Red Wedding. Laurel runs back down and pulls the ref out of the ring from what was sure to be a three count. Allie runs down and chases Laurel away. Sienna hits Rosemary with the belt behind the ref’s back. Rosemary barely kicks out. Rosemary goes for a finisher but Rosemary counters. She goes for mist but Sienna blocks it with her hand. She goes for the running tackle again but Rosemary ducks and gets her up for Red Wedding. Sienna rubs her mist covered hand into Rosemary’s eyes and then applies a Dragon Sleeper. Rosemary taps out.

    Winner, and New Unified Women’s Champion: Sienna

    JB is in the ring and introduces Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett thanks everyone for the last fifteen years. He tells Bobby Lashley and Alberto they need to bring their A game. There was no big surprise as rumored.

    World Title Unification Match: Bobby Lashley vs Alberto El Patron

    Lashley was accompanied by King Mo and several other MMA fighters. El Patron was accompanied by his father Dos Caras, and his brother. Everyone left ringside except King Mo and Dos Caras. Hard hitting match with a lot of counters. Lashley was able to use a lot of power moves including a powerslam onto the steps on the outside. King Mo and Dos Caras jawed back and forth throughout. Alberto delivered his double stomp from the ropes but Lashley kicked out. He hit a superkick and the cross armbreaker but Lashley escaped with a dead lift powerbomb. King Mo teased using a chair. Lashley hit the spear but Alberto kicked out. Alberto sent Lashley to the outside and attempted a suicide dive but Lashley moved and Alberto landed face first on the floor. King Mo got in Dos Caras’ face and Caras kicked him low. Lashley stalked Dos Caras and pushed him a couple of times. He gets in the ring and Alberto avoids a spear and Lashley gets caught up in the ropes. He hits the off the ropes double stomp for the three count.

    Winner, and New Unified World Champion: Alberto El Patron



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