​Slyck Wagner Brown Discusses ROH, TNA & WWE + More


Slyck Wagner Brown recently spoke to Wrestling Mania about his
career, training under Killer Kowalski, and more. Below are some

Brown on training under Killer Kowalski:
“It was an honor to learn my craft from the man known to wrestling fans globally
as Killer Kowalski; however to me he was simply Walt and was nothing like his
evil character on TV. He loved to laugh and tell jokes as well as inspire and
help people grow; moreover, he would always say things like shoot for the moon
and if you miss you’ll hit a star. In other words he would encourage us to set
our goals high that way you can never lose. Also, he would often say make the
people notice you; for instance, leave such an impression on them that they walk
away saying I saw seven matches tonight but only the one with sWb was

His thoughts on indy wrestling today: “I love
independent wrestling man because every time an independent talent steps through
the curtain they have something to prove and 9/10 times it shows; moreover,
they’re getting paid peanuts and that doesn’t deter them from putting their
bodies on the line in front of small crowds. However, I believe when it comes to
collaboration between companies and stronger advertising methods the independent
scene could improve in both areas.Additionally, with more exposure it could
become the alternative wrestling fans of today and yesterday need right now
because there’s so much talent currently on this level it’s

His thoughts on WWE and TNA: “WWE is
the major league in our business every wrestler wants to go there and if not
it’s because they have already been there. TNA has an opportunity to provide the
alternative on a national level by offering something national wrestling fans
are not currently getting enough of and that’s: tag team, X division and
knockout wrestling. Absolutely, it’s currently the only two ways for a pro
wrestler to mobilize by getting more TV exposure, experience, and financial

Brown on his experience in Ring of Honor:
“Good, I got so much opportunity from just being a ROH guy it was insane.
However, I waited for those same opportunities from ROH and they never came so I
decided to walk. I didn’t see myself as a bench guy because in my heart I knew
that I had so much more to offer and badly wanted to contribute. Therefore, I
would love to return to the company today to work with guys like AJ Styles, Jay
Lethal, Kevin Steen, Adam Cole and Michael Elgin.”

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