SmackDown Social Media Score, Tommy Dreamer Blogs


— Trendrr reports that the SmackDown replay for last night had a close score to the previous two first-run episodes. The episode earned a 61,443, which was between the 61,126 from two weeks ago and the 61,971 from last week. The replay was 8% higher than the yearly average. It was #2 on cable TV Friday night, just behind Nickelodeon’s Spongebob Squarepants.

The combined social media activity for this week’s episodes topped the previous two for social media activity.

Combined Feb. special – 142,672

Combined Apr. special – 115,911

Combined July special – 155,067

— Tommy Dreamer recently revealed his bucket list in his latest blog. revealing what he wants to do before the end of the summer. He also mentioned on his Twitter that he’s had “several contracts” back for the debut of his House of Hardcore promotion on October 6 in New York City but didn’t reveal any names. You can read the blog at

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