​Smith Hart Confirms Neither Owen Harrt Or Davey Boy Smith Will Be Inducted Into The 2016 WWE HOF


Smith Hart recently went on Facebook to confirm that neither Owen Hart or Davey Boy Smith would be inducted into the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame class. He also blasted WWE for the decision not to do so, even though it’s been widely reported that Martha Hart is the person preventing it from happening. WWE has wanted to induct them both for years now but Martha has always flat out said “no”. Smith said,

“I just got off the phone with my brother Bret, who called to wish me well. In talking to Bret, I can confirm that WWE will NOT be inducting Owen, Davey, Blue Blazer or even as Bret and I suggested, of inducting the entire Hart Foundation as a unit this year in Dallas for their fictional Hall of Fame. This once again proves that WWE’s Hall of Fame is nothing more than profiteering, grandstanding and political BS. It’s a shame, not only for the fans that still fill my inbox annually holding hope, but also for WWE as the task of filling 100,000 plus into Jerry’s world seems near impossible with their vastly depleted roster and horrible creative direction.”

Smith continued on, saying, “A Hart Foundation induction on its own would not fill the stadium, but I’m sure would help more than the proposed inductions of The Godfather, Jacqueline or JBL (with all due respect). The reason given for the lack of an Owen induction is still our former Sister in law, Martha who still holds a grudge as if the tragedy happened days ago. Personally, I wouldn’t blame Bret or anyone in my family if they boycotted this year’s show.”

As noted above, Martha Hart, the widow of Owen, has long opposed anything involving Owen and WWE including a Hall of Fame induction. The two sides were locked into a lawsuit for some time, which was settled in 2013. However, her stance on the company hasn’t changed since then and she voiced her opposition to the Owen Hart DVD that was released in December.

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