Smith Hart Reacts To The Internet Fans & ‘Smart’ Fans


Smith Hart has posted a new blog entry, discussing the way
internet fans have changed the way we look at the face-heel dynamic in 2014.
Here is what he had to say…

“This is a topic I have wanted to touch upon for quite
some time. The division between faces and heels and what that means in 2014 is a
question not easily answered any more by even the veterans of the business.
Internet wrestling fans today have warped the traditional definitions of face
and heel by booing what a babyface is and cheering the villains. This is never
more evident than with the polar…izing effect of WWE’s top superstar John

The “smart” fans that think they understand the fundamentals of
our business better than those that work it consider John a lousy worker,
despite the fact that nearly everyone who works within the business considers
him to be one of the best workers in the business ever. Thus he is booed
mercilessly. Yet I tend to wonder if the proposed heel turn of John Cena were to
ever occur would that demographic of fans alternatively begin to cheer John

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