SoCal Val: ‘I Have An Immune System Deficiency’


So Cal Val recently spoke with MLW Radio about dealing with an immune system deficiency for most of her life and more.

“I was home schooled from the 4th grade on because I have a really bad immune system,” she said. “A lot of people don’t know that. It’s really easy for me to get sick. I lose my voice quite a bit. I’m pretty much always not feeling 100%. It’s very rare for me to say ‘Wow, nothing’s wrong.’ There’s always some kind of something going on with me.”

She added, “I had mono for several weeks when I was five years old and it really weakened my immune system. Now it’s pretty much called ‘Epstein Barr’ and/or ‘Chronic Fatigue’ [syndrome]. My immune system is really bad. I’m not like the boy in the bubble like some people like to joke, but if somebody has a cold, I’m going to get it. Being a kid in school, I’d get Scarlet fever and strep throat several times.”

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