Some People Believe “CM Punk Screwed Tony Khan” With His Latest Antics


As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, the CM Punk situation as it pertains to AEW Collision and Warner Bros. Discovery has been a hot topic of conversation since Wednesday morning.

Speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided an update on the situation. He said,


“There were people who thought this was the ultimate blow-up, and Punk screwed Tony on Tony’s big announcement on Tony’s big day to WBD. From the WBD side, because nobody from the AEW side has talked about this at all nor confirmed any of this, from the WBD side, they have said their belief is there will be an attempt to work it out. They’re hopeful that they work it out and it’s not a dead deal. This is the situation. The United Center is booked, but if there’s no Punk, do you go to a different arena? Do you go to the United Center without Punk? Because if you go to the United Center, everyone is going to assume, even if you announce him or not, that he’s going to be there.”

It was previously reported that a major point of contention has been Ace Steel’s presence at the AEW Collision tapings going forward. While Steel is back working with AEW, he’s been doing so remotely. When CM Punk found out on Tuesday that Steel wouldn’t be allowed to attend the upcoming weekly Collison TV tapings in-person, he wasn’t happy. As of now, Warner Bros. Discovery remains hopeful that CM Punk and AEW can sort this issue out.

Per another report by Nick Hausman, the relationship between Tony Khan and CM Punk is still said to be strong. With that being said, Tony obviously wasn’t thrilled that his big announcement set for Dynamite wasn’t able to be made due to several issues that he was under the impression had been resolved. That all changed on Tuesday.

So for now, the situation remains fluid.

(Thanks to Tathya Sachdev for his help on this story.)

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