Some Very Interesting 2013 WWE Statistics Inside Here


A new article at Kayfabermetrics has some interesting statistics for 2013 in the WWE. Here are highlights:

15:24 – John Cena’s average match length: “In 23 singles matches in 2013, Cena led all of WWE in match length by almost two minutes, beating CM Punk’s 2nd place time of 13:27. It’s no surprise that the two biggest stars in the Fed dominated this category – if they’re advertised the WWE makes a conscious effort to get fans their money’s worth. With Cena you always get at least ten minutes worth of hot babyface comeback fire sandwiched around those 5 sweet moves, as only three of Cena’s matches failed to hit that mark. He might be booked as the WWE Superman, but at least he puts some time in before taking flight.”

226 Days – Number of days Dean Ambrose held the US Title in 2013: “Improbably, Dean Ambrose weaseled his way to the longest title reign of any championship belt in 2013. Well, not improbably if you noticed his last title defense was all the way back on October 28th, against Big E. Langston. I’m surprised WWE hasn’t focused more on his ducking competition and winning almost every title match via DQ loss – it fits the character arc so well. Probably because the lack of luster makes it as worthy of a prize as the Jelly of the Month club – focusing on it might actually hurt Ambrose’s standing. The guy is jawing with CM Punk on Raw every week, the US championship is not a great talking point in his favor. Here’s a list of the longest reigning champs for each belt in 2013:

198 Days – AJ Lee (Diva’s)

155 Days – Curtis Axel (IC)

148 days – The Shield (Tag-Team)

133 days – John Cena (WWE)

133 days – Alberto Del Rio (WHC)”

11 – Matches between Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio on WWE Television in 2013: “Del Rio and Ziggler take the top spot in most matches against an opponent over the last year. They ranked 2nd and 3rd in overall televised singles matches, so you weren’t seeing things if you thought they squared up every single week. Only 3 of those 11 matches took place in their official “feud zone” – my term for when there’s some sort of discernible stoyline to follow in a program. They faced each other 4 times before the epic cash in on the night after Mania, and even with Ziggler fading from the WHC scene they still matched up three times after their last bout with a title on the line. They are two of WWE’s weekly workhorses, an example of great ring work and chemistry mixed together, but also an example of WWE’s penchant for putting together programs without much story to make it compelling. Outside of their double-turn match at Payback and of course the cash-in, most fans would be hard pressed to even remember the other nine. Not a good sign for two hopeful main event talents.”

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