Some WWE Superstars Rumored To Miss TV Tapings, Upset At Ric Flair Being Backstage


There is a rumor floating around that select key talent from the WWE main roster have chosen to stay home and not attend the next set of television tapings until PPE masks are mandated, according to At least two main roster stars have opted to stay home until masks are mandated. That number may increase.

Many wrestlers were said to be very upset and angry over Ric Flair being backstage at the recent set of tapings following the COVID-19 positive tests, endangering the health and well being of the aging “Nature Boy”. While Flair is said to have been happy to be at RAW and had the choice to stay home, one person believed that choice should have been made for him by WWE instead of giving him the option of appearing on the show given his age and previous health issues. Basically, it was preventable and he wasn’t needed.

Flair is said to be in good health and has shown no symptoms of the virus, but his test results have yet to be made public and there is no word on if they will be.

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