Somebody In WWE Had To Redo Promo Segment After Using Banned Term


When Vince McMahon was still in charge of WWE creative, he had a list of words that wrestlers and on-air talent were not allowed to use.

Among the banned terms were “wrestling” and “wrestler.” Once Triple H took over creative after McMahon resigned from his WWE duties, he let talent use the terms.


Following McMahon’s return to WWE in January and being backstage at a recent WWE RAW TV taping, there has been speculation that he could take back creative. For now, Triple H is still in charge.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that a pre-taped promo at Monday’s RAW TV tapings had to be redone because the word “wrestling” was used.

“If you haven’t seen the fingerprints of Vince McMahon on camera, and there are little things here and there, there was a pre-tape interview on the 3/20 Raw where somebody used the term “wrestling” and they had to redo. Granted since Reigns and Rhodes used the term pro wrestlers in their promo on the same show,” Meltzer wrote.

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