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Sonny Kiss Shares When She Found Out Her AEW Contract Wasn’t Being Renewed



Sonny Kiss had been with All Elite Wrestling since 2019, but had been away from television for months.

Before All Out 2023, her profile was no longer listed on the AEW roster page. It was later reported that she was no longer with AEW, something AEW President Tony Khan also confirmed.

Speaking on a recent edition of “Busted Open Radio,” Kiss was asked about her release. She said,

“Definitely a question that a lot of people asked, like, ‘Where is Sonny? Where is Sonny?’ I understand. It hurt to go places and they was always the question they was asked. Like I would be in a super market or at training, whatever, and it’s just like, ‘We don’t see you.’ But I’m feeling, it’s like a heartbreak. It’s been a life kr rough because this was everything I’ve always wanted to do, it’s a dream. I’ve worked so very hard, I worked tirelessly for this not to happen. Dustin Rhodes, who’s been my mentor and trainer, he’s a trainer for all the women at AEW, and every single time I got sent to TV, I was there hours, hours before doors open, I worked my ass off every single week to make sure this didn’t happen. So yeah it’s heartbreaking.

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