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Sonny Kiss Won’t Talk Bad About Tony Khan – ‘I’m Forever Grateful To Him’



While Sonny Kiss departed All Elite Wrestling earlier this year after her contract expired and it wasn’t renewed, she has nothing but high praise for AEW President Tony Khan.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Women’s Wrestling Talk” podcast, Kiss opined on her AEW departure, why she’s grateful to Tony Khan, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On her AEW departure: “That was a very emotional time, especially like it still is to this day. Like, I still think about it, of course, it still feels very fresh. But when that happened, and I was going to Chicago and I did the Effy’s Gay Brunch and all throughout all of that it was very, like … I felt like everybody was staring at me and wondering how I was feeling. And I think they were trying to pick my brain and see what was going on. Like, why was I no longer there, it was just a lot. It was super emotional for me.”

On being grateful to Tony Khan for her time there: “I did, and I want to say this too, I am so grateful for Tony Khan. Tony Khan has always been great to me in the sense of … first of all, he helped pay my bills during a global pandemic. You know, there’s so many great things about Tony Khan and people expect me to say something negative about him, but no he’s given me my life … he gave me stability in my life. Like I said he helped pay my bills during a time where a lot of people were not, you know, things weren’t so uncertain. So, yeah, no, I’m forever grateful for Tony Khan.”

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