Sonya Deville Comments On Possibly Becoming Bigger Than Charlotte Flair, LGBTQ Trolls


During a new interview with The Sun, Sonya Deville commented on possibly becoming a bigger star than Charlotte Flair if given the chance, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On if the locker room thinks Charlotte is entitled: “Yeah, I mean, it’s a two-fold question because it’s like, does she get opportunities because of who she is? Maybe, but does she deliver every single time? For sure. I’m the same way where anything you throw at me, I’m going to deliver and I think a lot of the women in the locker room are going to show up every single day if given the opportunities, they’re gonna work their butt off. I am certainly so you could throw anything at me. If I’m given the same opportunities as Charlotte Flair, I will be as big if not bigger than Charlotte.”

On changing character due to circumstances: “It’s cool for me because as a performer and as a creator and an innovator, it’s like we had to kind of reinvent what we do. We had to kind of adjust to the circumstances and so it’s been fun for me. I’ve actually enjoyed no crowd, I think it’s allowed for my voice to be heard even more without any kind of distraction. So I think it’s like a double-edged sword but I’ve been having a lot of fun with it.”

On her Mount Rushmore for women’s wrestling: “Yeah, I think (Charlotte would) be on there for sure. I think she’s incredible. I think Asuka’s incredible. Bailey and Sasha, are incredible. Becky, for sure. There’s a lot of women that have paved the way before me, everyone has added something different to women’s wrestling. The Bellas I think are incredibly smart, business savvy women that knew how to build a brand and are incredible in the ring too. I think we’ve all contributed to the success of women’s wrestling and we’re just going to keep going up from here because the talents never been more competitive.”

On dealing with trolls if WWE ever did an LGBTQ storyline: “I mean, there’s, there’s gonna be trolls no matter what, there’s going to be good and bad, no matter what we do. That’s just part of being under the microscope and in dealing with scrutiny in general. I would never let that stop us. (Mandy and I) did pitch an LGBTQ storyline, like two-plus years ago now. And I think that it’s important and I think that, you know, it will eventually come full circle, whether it’s us or whether it’s other wrestlers, but I think inclusion is important. We’re in a place right now in the world, in the sports world specifically where, it’s kind of our duty to represent all diversity. So I think it’s important.”

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