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Sonya Deville Discusses LGBTQ Representation in WWE


Sonya Deville, being the first ever openly lesbian WWE Superstar, takes a lot of pride in being a champion for the LGBTQ community.

Recently, she spoke to Asbury Park Press about how she feels concerning the added inclusion of LGBTQ representation within WWE. Below are some highlights:


Sonya talks about the world not being as accepting of LGBTQ people a decade ago:

“The world as a whole wasn’t as accepting of the LGBTQ community if you look back 10 years ago. (With) us being the forefront of entertainment and sport, I think it’s so important that we kind of pioneer and run this ship the right way because we are looked at by so many people and so many demographics.”

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Sonya on coming out on WWE Tough Enough:

“It feels super special because I look back four years ago when I came out on ‘Tough Enough’ and I think back before that, not even being able to verbalize that I’m gay. And so (it’s special) to be here now with WWE by my side not only supporting and loving and accepting who I am but hopefully passing that message on to others that are in the position that I was once in.”

Sonya on the importance of PRIDE:

“Every year, this time of year is super special for us because we’re celebrating how far we’ve come. For me, it’s also a reminder of how much work is left to do. But it’s really cool to see the inclusion that WWE took (part) in this year with the LGBTQ community.”

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