Sonya Deville Reportedly Wanted To Fight Charlotte Flair At WWE SmackDown


There have been multiple reports regarding the situation between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch at Friday’s WWE SmackDown during their championship exchange segment on the show, which Flair thought would make her look weak.

Flair dropped her title before handing it to Lynch and Lynch tossed her title at Flair. They had a confrontation backstage after the segment and Flair was later escorted out of the arena to avoid another conflict. reported today that the confrontation happened in full view of Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard. Sonya Deville, who was part of the segment, was very angry with Flair and that she was “mad enough to want to fight Flair” at one point.

Deville also had an argument with Flair backstage at SmackDown. Per the report, Flair was not backstage with Andrade El Idolo at AEW Dynamite this past Saturday night. There have been people within Flair’s circle that have pushed the idea of her getting out of her WWE deal, but no one expects for WWE to grant her release.

The general blame is on Flair by some backstage who think that she’s been “self-indulgent” and interested in protecting herself and putting the attention on her. It’s believed that the situation began when Flair thought the segment made her and her title reign look weak. This isn’t the first time her behavior has led to issues, including her and Nia Jax taking legitimate shots at each other during a match on RAW.

One source said: “Let’s be honest, that’s what stars do. They make sure their star power remains the same or greater.

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