Sonya Deville Talks Being Openly Gay in WWE


In a new interview with Last Word on Pro Wrestling, Smackdown Superstar Sonya Deville discussed being the first openly lesbian Superstar on the WWE roster, Tough Enough, and more. Below are some highlights:

Sonya Deville on her sexuality and sharing her story:

“I love being able to share my story to help others relate or cope with their own stuff they have going on at home. My personal life is a big part of who my character is. Sonya is the way she is for a reason and I love enlightening the fans on what those things are because so many people are going through similar experiences and have amazing stories I love to hear and relate to myself. Spreading the positivity is just as important and telling the difficult stories. It’s all about informing and growing together. With experience, we can do that!”

Sonya on her Tough Enough experience:

“Tough enough was a whirlwind of experiences, it was my first time on a reality TV show, but also my first experience with professional wrestling. I was excited, SUPER motivated and overwhelmed all at the same time. My competitive nature took over and all I saw was winning, after being eliminated I was devastated, I had fallen in love with this world and wanted it so bad. So, when I went back to LA I immediately began training with Brian Kendrick and emailing and hounding WWE for another shot. Finally, a few months later I was given another tryout and that is when I finally got hired. It’s changed my life WWE is where I belong.”

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