Speculation On Why The Great Khali Was Brought Back To WWE TV Last Night


As you all are aware, The Great Khali returned to WWE last night to aid Jinder Mahal in retaining his WWE Championship. There was tons of speculation surrounding Khali’s appearance; will he be a regular on SmackDown Live? Will he be competing at SummerSlam? along with many more unanswered questions & speculation.

On the most recent installment of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated on the reasoning for the “Punjabi Nightmare’s” return to the WWE.

Meltzer: “So, I guess the idea is The Great Khali is back and Jinder Mahal. WWE is trying to make him popular in India and my impression is that he’s not that popular in India, but The Great Khali really is popular and they brought him back to hopefully give Jinder a rub.”

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