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Speculation On Vince McMahon’s View On WWE RAW Stars


It’s been reported that former WWE Raw executive director Paul Heyman was said to be “very high” on Andrade. 

There is speculation that Andrade will lose his push because of Vince McMahon. Dave Meltzer talked about storyline plans for Andrade, Angel Garza, and Zelina Vega during today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. 

Here is what Meltzer said (H/T to 

“When Heyman got replaced, I was kind of told… Aleister Black and Andrade were two guys that were really gonna be in trouble because Vince doesn’t necessarily see a lot in them compared to what Heyman saw in them. It appeared that Zelina Vega is splitting up from Garza and Andrade. I can see Garza being forgotten but maybe not but if there is a split, Andrade feels like he’s going to be the one… if they’re gonna do Garza vs. Andrade, it’s probably gonna be Garza that goes over and Andrade’s the one that gets forgotten.”

“Zelina Vega as a wrestler is gonna be like taking Lana away from managing and making her a wrestler is gonna have the same result. Even though Zelina Vega is a better wrestler, she is so much better as a manager than she is a wrestler. Again, it’s another example of doing something with no regard to really the people involved. We’ve seen it a million times when they split Rusev and Lana and they split Rusev and Aiden English. It’s like they do it to do it with no idea of what to do with any of the people and then careers just essentially go nowhere from there. I see Andrade, from tonight’s show when I saw that split, it was just like oh God that thing with Andrade is going to come true exactly like I was told.”

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