Speculation On If Triple H Is Actually Frustrated With Vince McMahon


Five weeks ago here on eWn, it was reported that Triple H is apparently frustrated with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, over McMahon’s use of NXT talent. The original report stated that; Triple H was frustrated because he feels as if the years/months of work he puts in to help develop talent, all goes away once they hit the main roster.

During Saturday’s Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer speculated on the situation between McMahon and Triple H & whether “The Game” is truly frustrated with the Chairman.

Meltzer: “The situation isn’t coming to a head until Vince leaves. It’s Vince’s vision until Vince isn’t there anymore and then it’s probably gonna be Paul’s vision from that point, whenever that point comes. Common sense will tell you that; if you have two different people with two different ideas about what would happen when it comes to talent and it’s Vince’s vision and Triple H is the second most influential guy, but at the end it’s Vince and I’m sure, you know, Vince is Vince and it can be very frustrating for everyone.”

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