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Spoilers From The 1/12/17 Impact Wrestling TV Tapings


Here are the spoilers from Thursday’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings:

– Open Fight Night: DCC says they are in the a** kicking business and challenges Decay to a Falls Count Anywhere Match

– Open Fight Night: DCC  (James Storm, Bram, and Kingston) def. Decay (Crazzy Steve and Abyss)

Impact: Airing throughout February

– Bobby Lashley comes out and details his destruction of EC3 and Eddie Edwards. He says there isn’t a wrestler or MMA fighter that can challenge him. Josh Barnett comes out and says Lashley is feeding the crowd lies. Lashley offers Josh a chance to leave before an ass kicking. Josh responds by nearly locking Lashley in an armbar before Lashley escapes. Barnett wants a title match and Lashley accepts.

– Impact Grand Championship: Moose def. Drew Galloway (c) by split decision to win the Impact Grand Championship

-Eddie Edwards says he’s here to kick Davey Richards ass. Eddie is pissed that his partner and brother betrayed him and that Davey’s wife attacked his wife. Angelina Love comes out and says Eddie gets Davey when she says so. She asks where Eddie was when Davey tore his ACL and she was 9 months  pregnant, helping him around the house. She introduces Davey as The American Wolf. Davey enters and says he’s the one who picked Eddie out from the bottom to make this tag team. Eddie and Davey brawl until security pulls them apart. Eddie grabs a mic and wants a street fight tonight.

– Josh Barnett def. Bad Bones. Lashley on commentary

– TNA Knockouts Championship – Last Knockout Standing: Rosemary (c) def. Jade

– James Storm def. Jessie Goderz after Kingston distracted the referee, allowing Bram to hit Goderz with a chair.

– Street Fight: Davey Richards (w/Angelina Love) vs. Eddie Edwards never has an official decision. Richards has Edwards laid out after a smashing a chair against another chair laying on Edwards’ head. During this, Edwards’ wife is handcuffed to the ring. Angelina Love kicks Earl Hebner in the groin and makes the count herself. Her and Davey make out on Eddie Edwards’ prone body

– TNA World Title match: Josh Barnett def. Lashley (C), but there is controversy. Brian Hebner misses Lashley having his shoulder up. Brian Stifler comes out to argue that Lashley had his shoulder up. While Josh Barnett is holding the TNA Title in the ramp, Earl Hebner comes out to consult with both officials. Earl calls for the match to be restarted. Which leads to……

– Lashley def. Josh Barnett. Barnett appeared to have his shoulder up at one point, but Lashley left with the title and is still champion.

– The Wedding of Laurel and Braxton: Braxton Sutter comes out with his groomsmen: a drunk Mike Bennett, Aron Rex (in his new Liberace gimmick), and Spud. Sutter doesn’t look happy. Maria Kanellis Bennett comes out with Sienna and is in a great mood. Finally, the blushing bride, Laurel Van Ness is introduced, all decked out in white. Maria then calls for the ring bearer, Allie. Allie comes out reluctantly. It’s hard to hear much of the ceremony as the crowd is wildly against this marriage and is quite vocal about it.

Finally, the vows are exchanged. Laurel says “I Do”. Allie goes to bring the rings, but falls and is berated by Maria. Braxton is asked if he takes Laurel for his wife. After a minute or torturous thinking, he says he doesn’t. He says he only agreed to things to save Allie’s job. He says that someday Laurel will make some man miserable, but it won’t be him. Braxton proclaims his love for Allie as the crowd goes nuts. Maria gets angry and fires Allie. Allie won’t take it, she won’t be fired, she quits. She hits Maria. Sienna tries to grab Allie, but Brooke comes out to fight Sienna and Robbie E comes out to fight Mike Bennett. Aron Rex and Spud leave as things get out of hand. Laurel is slumped on the mat, distraught and clinging to a bottle of champagne. Finally, the big moment. Braxton Sutter and Allie come together in the middle of the ring and share a wonderful kiss to an ecstatic crowd. Laurel slinks away, defeated and heartbroken.

After all this, several wrestlers including Moose, DJ Z, Andrew Everett, Brandi Rhodes, Eddie Edwards and more, come out to the ring to drink champagne and dance in the ring to close out the long tapings. For good measure, Pope nails a big punch on Spud and rips his clothes off, sending Spud scurrying away.


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