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Spoilers From The 1/7/17 Impact Wrestling TV Tapings


Here are the spoilers for the January 19th episode of Impact Wrestling

– JB announces a match called “Chase For The Case” which is basically the same thing as Feast or Famine, with multiple briefcases suspended, and they all have different “rewards”.

– Chase For The Case: Shera, Crazy Steve, Jesse, Trevor Lee, Broken Matt Hardy, Brother Nero, Tyrus, Eli Drake, Bram, Eddie Kingston, and Mike Bennett.

* Red Briefcase: Eli Drake
* Blue Briefcase: Trevor Lee
* Yellow Briefcase: Kingston
* Green Briefcase: Broken Matt
– It was announced that Moose would have to defend the Impact Grand Championship against the returning Drew Galloway.

– EC3 comes out with a chair, and is pissed because of Davey Richards interfering in his title match. he calls out the Wolves, but Bobby Lashley responds instead. There was a “shut your mouth” chant at a fan who tried to chant “boring” at Bobby. They agree to a Last Man Standing match, where the winner gets a shot at the title.

– Bobby Lashley def. Ethan Carter III in a Last Man Standing match after putting him through a table on the floor.

– Brooke Adams def. unknown talent. Sienna came out and attacked Brooke after her match.

– Drew Galloway def. Moose to become the new Impact Grand Champion.

– DJ Z def. Andrew Everett, Kaleb Connolly, Trevor Lee and Marsha Rockett to retain the X-Division Championship. Lee, Everrett and Helms attack ADJ with a chair to his knee after the match.

– Lashley comes out and demands Eddie Edwards, who answers the call. Lashley says he wants a 30-minute Iron Man Match for the title. The champ agrees, and says when he wins, they’ll refer to Lashley as his bitch. Bobby attacks him but Davey Richards makes the save with a chair.

– The Fact of Life with Eli drake closes out the night.

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