**SPOILERS** Another TNA iMPACT! Report


Credit: Bruce Boudreau and Pwinsider

Match Number One: D’Angelo Dinero and Devon defeated Ink Inc. and Mexican America to become the Number One Contenders for the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles. Devon got the victory over Jesse Neal with a spinebuster.

Sting came to the ring in his capacity as the man in charge of decisions in the Impact Zone. Sting asked for the Impact Wrestling World Champion Bobby Roode to come to the ring after he talked about how the inmates were running the asylum. Roode did not seem to be impressed with Sting’s request and he told Sting to hurry up. Sting tried to show Roode who was in charge. Roode talked about how Sting should appreciate the things that he is doing as the World Champion, but Sting says that there are consequences for what he has done.

A.J. Styles comes to the ring and Roode talks about how A.J. has Sting fighting his battles for him. Jeff Hardy also comes out and Sting announces that the main event will be a Triple Threat Match between A.J. Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Booby Roode. Sting mentions that the title is not going to be defended in that match.

Impact Wrestling X Division Champion Austin Aries comes out. He says that he is the ‘Greatest Man That Ever Lived’ and he is even greater than he thought he could be. Aries talked about how he wanted to revitalize the X Division and he has defeated everyone, including Jesse Sorensen. Aries responds to some of the female fans in the crowd. Aries talks about how he wants some new blood and Kid Kash makes his way to the ring.

Kash talks about how Aries walked out on him during their recent tag match. Aries reminds Kash that he is still the X Division Champion. Kash points out that he was the X Division Champion before Aries ever came to TNA. Aries puts the title belt between him and Kash and he gives Kash the opportunity to face him for the X Division Title. Kash shakes Aries’ hand and then they both punch each other and Aries is knocked out of the ring.

Match Number Two: Mickie James defeated ODB in a Knockouts Street Fight. Mickie pinned ODB after a spin kick while ODB held a chair. They fought throughout the Impact Zone.

Match Number Three: Impact Wrestling Television Champion Robbie E (with Rob Terry) defeated Rob Van Dam in a Television Title Match. During the match Eric Young came out and distracted the referee and Rob Terry. Christopher Daniels also got involved and gave Van Dam Angel’s Wings and placed Robbie on top of Van Dam for the victory.

The Knockouts were in the back washing a car while wearing bikinis. Tara and Angelina Love started arguing and all six women started fighting. Some of the wrestlers watched the attack and tried to play peacekeeper. Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion and one-half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions Gail Kim sprayed the women with a hose.

Match Number Four: Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode defeated Jeff Hardy and A.J. Styles in a Triple Threat Match. Roode pinned Hardy after Jeff Jarrett interfered and knocked Hardy off the top rope when Hardy tried for a Swanton.

Sting stopped Jarrett and told him that he would be facing Jeff Hardy in a steel cage match where the only way to win the match is to escape. If Jarrett wins the match, then Jeff Hardy has to leave the company. If Hardy wins the match, Jeff becomes the number one contender for the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Title. Karen Jarrett comes out to the ring and Sting announces that at the match between Jeff Jarrett and Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution, Karen is to be handcuffed to Sting. In a match taped for Xplosion, Samoa Joe defeated Douglas Williams by submission

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