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**SPOILERS** – Complete TNA iMPACT! Wrestling Results For Next Week & More




ODB defeats Laurel Van Ness. Laurel still in wedding dress and with champagne. Laurel spits champagne at ODB and misses, ODB does not and hits TKO for win.

iMPACT! Wrestling (Airing Next Week):

iMPACT! Wrestling starts with Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards fighting from the back and into the crowd. Security separates them.

Jeremy Borash tells Josh Mathews that there are changes. They talk about Mike Tenay and Jim Ross. Jeremy says the person at the announce table needs to change. Jeremy will be joining commentary and there will be changes.

Cody and Brandi Rhodes come out.

Match One: Reno Scum defeat Bram and Kingston.

Match Two: Braxton Sutter defeated Marsche Rockett, DJ Z, and Caleb Konley. Allie was with Sutter. Sutter pinned Rockett with a swinging neckbreaker. Laurel came out after the match onto the stage.

KC Quinn (Brandi Lauren) vs. Brandi Rhodes does not happen because Cody says iMPACT! will not pimp out the Rhodes name. Cody gives KC 45 and says it is 20 more than they would pay you.

Rosemary attacks KC from behind after Cody and Brandi go to the back.

Bruce Pritchard out and he says this Impact is not the same Impact. There was a group of talent that wanted to be great, but it did not happen. Bruce says TNA is dead. New owners, new management and a new name. Bruce talks about how you start a company at the top with the greatest hybrid athlete. Bruce brings out Bobby Lashley.

Bruce and Bobby talk about how Lashley will be the best ever and no one can come out to take the title from him.

Alberto El Patron comes out.

Alberto tells Bobby he hasn’t beaten him. EC3 comes out. Carter says Alberto cannot come in on the first night and get a title match, he needs to earn it. Carter demands a title match. Bobby says no. Alberto wants to fight Lashley. The match is made. El Patron vs Lashley is official.

The man known as Zeb Colter in an alternate universe comes out. Dutch says this is the first time he appeared on Impact. Dutch talks about how much he loves wrestling. He mentions being in Impact and then runs through the roster the last time he was here and mentioned AJ, Joe, Sting , Roode, Nash, and more. They left because of a lack of leadership and vision. Cody comes out and demands Moose come out but Borash reminds him Moose is in Japan.

Cody throws GFW Next Gen belt into the ring and then does a sit in.

Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid defeat Eli Drake and Tyrus when Garza rolls up Drake.

Sienna defeats Rachael Ellering.

Alberto El Patron defeats Bobby Lashley after two ref bumps and a belt shot. Ethan Carter III watched from ramp. After the match Earl Hebner comes out and tells Bruce Pritchard, Pat Kenney, and someone else what happened. This ends next week’s iMPACT! Wrestling broadcast.

The Saturday afternoon taping will be a Knockouts special. Announced in addition to the current Knockouts, Leva Bates and Santana Garrett.

iMPACT! Wrestling – MARCH 16TH:

For next week:. Eli Drake versus Moose does not happen because Cody attacks Moose in the back and hits CrossRhodes on the ramp.


Trevor Lee defeated Caleb Konley, Andrew Everett, Idris Abraham, Marsche Rockett, and DJZ when Lee pinned Konley.

Angelina Love defeated Angel Rose (local FL wrestler)

Future iMPACT! Wrestling Broadcast (Grand Championship Match) – DATE UNKNOWN:

Moose defeats Cody by split decision. Brandi went to the back after round 2. One of the judges got superkicked and Bruce Prichard replaced him.

End of tapings.

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