Spoilers For Future Episodes Of Impact Wrestling


The following are the spoilers from the October 8th Impact Wrestling TV taping:

– The Tribunal is out cutting a promo when Al Snow comes out. They say they never did anything for Snow. They all brawl before hitting Snow with a low blow. Mahabali Shera comes out to make the save, but gets a low blow for his trouble.

– EC3 def. Abyss in a number 1 contender tournament match.

– Gail Kim is set to make an announcement. She brings Jade out and puts her over as the future, not only of the Knockouts, but of Women’s wrestling. Decay comes out and lays out Kim, Jade, and Jeremy Borash. Rosemary spits mist in the eyes of Gail and then chokes her out. Crazzy Steve then holds Jade while Rosemary hits a coast to coast dropkick into a garbage can placed against Jade.

– Trevor Lee vs Rockstar Spud vs DJZ was a number 1 contender match, but I stepped out during the match. Based on later spoilers, I’m assuming Trevor Lee won.

– Lashley def. Grado and Robbie E in a 2 on 1 number 1 contender match.

– Eddie Edwards def.Eli Drake to retain the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

Post match: DCC attacks. They are James Storm, Eddie Kingston, and Bram.

– Brandi Rhodes and Madison Rayne def. Laurel Van Ness and Sienna (w/Maria). Rhodes needed a partner and Maria thought Allie might be it, so she sent Allie to the back. Rhodes announced that her partner was a 5 time Knockouts Champion. Madison Rayne came out, but in a major technical error, she came out to Jade’s music and tron.

-Mahabali Shera def. Basile Baraka.

Post match: Baron Dax attacks afterwards. Al Snow comes in for the save.

– Eddie Edwards says that he expected fights when he became champion, but he fights face to face. He wants DCC in a fight. They come out and overwhelm Edwards with their numbers. Jeff Hardy comes out and makes the save.

– EC3 def. Trevor Lee, Lashley, and Mike Bennett in a 4 Way to become number 1 contender.

– Eli Drake with the Facts of Life. He wants EC3 to put up his title shot. EC3 says no. Drake offers to not challenge for a title for a year. EC3 still declines. EC3 wants a challenge and makes an offer. If Eli Drake wins, he gets the title shot. If EC3 wins, Drake can’t talk for the rest of the year.

– DCC def. Jeff Hardy and Eddie Edwards in a 3 on 2 match with no DQ.

– Jessie Goderz def. Baron Dax. (Xplosion)

– Team Go for Broke (Braxton Sutter, Mandrews, and DJZ) def. Rockstar Spud & Decay and Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, & Marshe Rockett in a 9 man, three team Team X Gold elimination match.

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