Spoilers For Thursday’s Episode Of Impact Wrestling


The following are the spoilers for tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling:

*Eli Drake had EC3 as his guest on Fact of Life.

*There was a segment where every TNA champion came out to explain why their championship was the most important. Billy Corgan came out, accompanied by the returning Jay Bradley/Aiden O’Shea. He announced every champion would defend their title exept DJ Z.

*DJZ & Mandrews & Braxton Sutter defeated Marshe Rockett & Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee.

*Cody (Rhodes) announced he a shot at the TNA title. Maria and Mike Bennett came out and they faced off with Cody and Brandi Rhodes. They had a brief brawl. Rhodes challenged Bennett to face him next week.

*TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim defeated Sienna in her first title defense. Sienna, Laurel Van Ness and Maria attacked Kim but Allie wouldn’t assist.

*TNA Impact Grand champion Aron Rex forced Baron Dax to submit.

*TNA champion Bobby Lashley was told to pick between several challengers. He picked Eddie Edwards because that would be easiest.

*Eddie Edwards defeated Lashley to win the TNA championship. All the babyfaces came out to celebrate.

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