Spoilers For Tonight’s Episode Of WWE NXT


Here are the spoilers for tonight’s show:

* Liv Morgan defeated Peyton Royce (w/Billie Kay) via DQ when Billie jumped Liv when Peyton was about to tap out to a front facelock.

* Almas defeated Cedric Alexander. Awesome stiff match.

* William Regal is out for the Samoa Joe – Shinsuke Nakamura contract signing, and he’s brought plenty of security with him

* Regal introduces Nakamura then Joe. Joe walks away and drags his own table and chairs out and says Regal’s security has a bad history with him, so he’ll conduct his business from here. He tells Nakamura it must be awful to go from being Japan’s biggest export to getting beat down by him. He says he’ll give Shinsuke his opportunity for revenge at Toronto. He tells Regal to make himself useful and bring him the contract. Regal begins to speak but Joe cuts him off and says to bring his ridiculous accent and do what he says. Regal brings him the contract and Joe signs. Joe refuses to hand Regal the contract, instead dropping it in front of him. Shinsuke refuses to sign the contract and lays out the security. Nakamura powerbombs one of the security guards through the table in the ring, then signs the contract

* Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Match: TM-61 defeated Sanity

* Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Match: The Authors of Pain defeated DIY

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