Spoilers For Tonight’s TNA Impact Broadcast


Source: PWinsider.com

Here are spoiler results for tonight’s TNA Impact:

*Magnus promo asking Abyss to come out Abyss. Abyss is dressed in a suit. Magnus is trying to control Abyss by telling him he is his only friend. Eric Young comes out and hits the ring. They attack him. Samoa Joe makes the save.
*Brittany offers to be Madison Rayne’s partner..

*The Beautiful People (old entrance and outfits) defeat Brittany and Madison Rayne.

*Gunner does a promo and notes his father is in the crowd. James Storm comes out and they end up brawling. Gunner is handcuffed to the ropes and has to watch Storm break a bottle over his father’s head.

*Mr. Anderson defeated Samuel Shaw in a match where the winner was the first person to lock the other in a straitjacket.

*Sanada vs. Tigre Uno. Kenny King shows up and tries to enter the match. MVP says there’s no room for him tonight. King shoves him so MVP tells him they will fight instead. Sanada defeated Tigre to retain the X-Division title.

*MVP and Kenny King fought to a no contest. Just a brawl until officials pull them apart.

*TNA champion Magnus defeated Eric Young, Samoa Joe and Abyss. The storyline thing here was that Abyss had the match won and Magnus talked him out of getting the pin.

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